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FC-electric Door Lock

  • Double cylinders

  • Stainless steel finish

  • Internal locking feature

  • 4 Manual Keys

  • Compatible with any remote unit, access control & audio/video door phones

Electronic Lock 202

  • Imported, Pure Stainless Steel Body

  • Push type Button, 4 Keys

  • Double Cylinder

  • Internal Locking to unwanted Exit

  • Dead Locking (Lock can be free)

  • Support all type of audio/video Door Phones

Electronic Lock for Double Door - Model No. EM600D

  • Electromagnetic Lock for Double Door

  • Anti-Rust surface Treatment : Zinc Plating

  • Adjustable mounting bracket

  • Complete mounting hardware for typical installations

  • Dual Colour LED Green means door is closed and Red Means door not closed

  • Coltage input :12V DC(per magnet)500ma